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I’m Baba: passionate and enthusiastic SEO and digital marketing expert. I’m goal oriented all the way. I reach my goals because I believe I can. I’ve been working with SEO since I was quite young, and I’m well on my way to becoming one of the leading SEO experts in the world. I’m from Nepal, I’m a competitive guy, and my team is just as competitive. Our goal is to smash the competition. We are here to give you the best service and have lots of fun while doing it! I do a lot of cool things with my life like paragliding, swimming and hanging out with cool people, and this keeps me in touch with today’s market.

My SEO approach is innovative, creative and fresh. I respond to the needs of our clients and surpass the outdated SEO strategies many larger companies have. Part of our strategy is to understand our clients very clearly. Then, we keep in touch with trends in the market, particularly with young people so that we are always in tune. I have provided SEO and digital marketing services for hundreds of websites which then shot up the Google rankings: Rimmel London, Covario Inc (SEO specialists), Lloyd’s Pharmacy and Freeman’s.

SEO involves many technical aspects: search engines, rankings, link building and content marketing to name a few, but the core of these tools relies on being in touch with the consumer, being cool and having fun.

Don’t go with a lonely one-man show, hire the full force of our team: we can reach all of your goals you know!

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We offer a transparent, goal-oriented approach

Our primary goal is to fully understand the your business and your specific needs. This is crucial to creating a custom SEO strategy. Your needs are important to us as the more we understand, the more we can get out of your website. Our clients love our ability to increase traffic to their website. As we gain a solid understanding of their particular business, we can increase traffic and dramatically improve your SERP ranking. The key to our work is turning this traffic into not only one-time but repeated sales. We do this partly by providing great high-quality content. This helps to generate interest in the website. From there, our goals are set and we start to ramp up the hits to your site! Our service is efficient and saves and makes you money!.

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Link Building 100%
Website Audit 100%

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