Author: Jung Saap


NT Keen To Introduce 4G In Nepal

The communication and technology field of Nepal is about to take a giant leap as Nepal Telecom have decided to launch 4th generation 4G technology right here in Nepal. On the official statement released by Nepal Telecom, they have declared to launch 4G in Nepal very soon within this year.


10 Idiot-Proof Ways to Make Money as a Writer in Nepal

So, you want to make money as an article writer in Nepal? You got this man! No, I won’t tell you that turning out to be a professional or paid writer is as easy as pie. You got to imagine yourself, at some point down the line, sitting in a comfy chair, urging on your…


Gionee Marathon M5 Plus Launched In Nepal

If you are looking for smart phone with broad feature and reasonable price then Gionee Marathon M5 plus is the best option for you. Gionee Marathon M5 plus is huge only by its features but not by its price. The official mobile store TeleTalk has introduced brand new Gionee M5 plus mobile here in Nepal.


Colors X factor Pride P80 review

Are you looking for the Android Smartphone that comes with all the features as many others have and with reasonable price? Your wait is over. Colors does what it does best and so had launched new smartphone Xfactor Pride P80 with fair price in Nepali market.


ADSL Problems? Know the reasons behind it

ADSL, known for an asymmetric digital subscriber line, is a type of broadband communication technology which is used for connecting the internet. Compared to old fashioned modem lines, the ADSL allows more data to be sent over telephone lines. It requires a special ADSL modem and subscribers must be in a close location to the provider central office to receive ADSL service.


Avoiding Influencer Marketing Fails in 2018

Has 2015 been the year of influencer marketing or what? It seems that everywhere you looked, someone was preaching their influencer strategy du jour from the soapbox of efficiency. The data does bear out the popularity of the buzzword to a certain extent. A recent survey says that 75% of marketers used key online opinion leaders to drive their campaigns in 2015 and many also increased their budgets to pull this off.