Profile Defenders Protects the Rich Online

If you’re a business owner you probably understand the importance of positive word of mouth as well as the devastating effects that negative reviews can have on your company. Paid advertising is one thing, but actually receiving referrals and reviews from happy customers who are ready and willing to endorse your products is the most [...]

Online Marketing Similar to Creating a Dating Profile

Aziz Ansari (and his co-author, NYU sociologist Eric Klinenberg) are right: online dating and online marketing are very similar. The two launched their must-read Modern Romance: An Investigation this June and drew upon a self-evident fact. Regardless of whether we’re talking marketing or dating, we are living in the age of big data. Marketers have [...]

Avoiding Influencer Marketing Fails in 2018

Has 2015 been the year of influencer marketing or what? It seems that everywhere you looked, someone was preaching their influencer strategy du jour from the soapbox of efficiency. The data does bear out the popularity of the buzzword to a certain extent. A recent survey says that 75% of marketers used key online opinion leaders [...]