Are you looking for the Android Smartphone that comes with all the features as many others have and with reasonable price? Your wait is over. Colors does what it does best and so had launched new smartphone Xfactor Pride P80 with fair price in Nepali market. Colors is always keen to focus on those customers who are not familiar with the use of Android smartphone and the pride series of colors are always targeted for first-time smartphone user customers. The Xfactor pride P80 under pride series is bigger in terms of everything with very fair price that you exactly waiting for.

  • Design

The Xfactor pride P80 is very elegant and comes with high-class design. The great innovation in the design of pride p80 makes high quality looks and is very comfortable in our hand. The wise design of pride p80 with two-tone shading looks cool and attractive. The slim design and light weight makes the phone better to the perfection. It weighs around 155 grams with battery. The pride p80 is the one of the best smartphone that you need in your budget price.

  • Screen

The pride p80 has 5-inches HD main screen of 1280 × 720 IPS display and it comes with 1.3GHZ quad-core processor which makes it powerful. The pride p80 has not any screen protection so it is recommended to the user to use screen protector glass. It has two SIM card slots where you can use two different networks GSM SIM. The dimension of P80 is 142.5×70.9×8.3mm which is very handy and portable. It will be the great experience to watch HD videos, playing game and the picture quality you never had seen for such range of any smartphones. The better improvement in viewing angle that allow you to view in any angle is really a great innovation.

  • Hardware Specification

The p80 has 1.3GHZ quad-core processor with 1GB of RAM able for decent performance. The inbuilt memory of 16BG eMMC flash is for storage and is expandable up to 32GB micro SD. The 3200mAH @ 4.35v battery for P80 is very powerful which helps for you to be with your phone for long time. 740 hours of standby time, 856 minutes of voice talk time and just 4.5 hours’ time to charge you phone is very decent battery performance. The User Interface UI feels good as if we think for such budgeted smartphone. Some of the bugs with the optimization can be removed with an OTA update.


  • Platform and OS

The pride p80 runs with the smart Android 5.1 lollipop with bright colors and flashy animations. The animations and new smart design of lollipop makes the UI to next level. Hence, the 5.1 lollipop operating system in P80 makes solid interaction with the contents that responds with every single touch in the smart and intuitive way.

  • Primary Camera

The 8 Mega Pixel (MP) with CMOS sensor along with LED flash is great to capture your moments with primary camera of pride p80. The images you captured look pretty good but if you zoom in the images there is still lack of sharpness and the images look blur. Although there is still lack of sharpness and the quality of the pictures you captured, this is still a decent camera performance under the 10K phone. The O-Film camera sensor supplier and S5BE08 camera lens of primary camera of p80 also comes with auto focusing feature when you capture the pictures. The overall department of primary camera of p80 is satisfactory.

  • Secondary Camera

The 5MP of secondary camera with CMOS sensor is good for capturing selfie and for video calls.

The overall performance of both front camera and rare camera is satisfactory for the phone below 10k.

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  • Power Management

The Li-Polymer battery technology is used in the P80 and the battery capacity is 3200mAH @ 4.35V. The battery performance is decent as it holds more or less 740 hours standby, 856 minutes of talk time and the battery need more than 4 hours to be fully charged. If we concern the battery in terms of the hardware used and the minimum cost price, then the battery specification is good.

  • RF Specification

The colors pride p80 can be operated in the mode of WCDMA, GSM, GPRS and Downlink EDGE but not with LTE mode. The high speed downlink packet access of pride p80 is 21.1 Mbps and the high speed uplink packet access of pride p80 is 5.76 Mbps. The GSM band for pride p80 is 900/ 1800/ 850/ 1900.

  • Memory and Physical Interface

The 16GB eMMC flash ROM for storage with 1GB DDR3 internal RAM is the specification of memory in P80. The external storage is maximum expandable up to 32GB with micro SB card. The colors pride p80 has one audio jack of 3.5mm with CTIA audio jack standard. One speaker and a single microphone are placed in the pride p80. The micro USB 5 pins I/O connector for charging the phone and for data transfer between PCs to phone or phone to PCs. The pride p80 do has accelerometer sensor, proximity sensor and light sensor. The accelerometer measures the tilting motion and orientation of the mobile which is very useful for the modern games you play in your mobile devices and many other applications like map, compass and so on. The phone has side power button for lock / unlock and for turning off and on the phone and has volume key in the side of mobile to increase and decrease the volume. It also has LED indicator.


  • Connectivity

The colors pride p80 comes with dual SIM slots where you can put two SIM cards. The one is for micro SIM card and the other one is for micro SIM card. The p80 also had micro SD card slot where you can put the micro SD card of up to 32GB though the phone had 16GB inbuilt memory for data storage. The pride p80 also supports OTG to connect USB drive and other accessories in your mobile phone. It has the Bluetooth of version 2.1 and comes with inbuilt FM radio in your mobile phone. The pride p80 do has GPS and A-GPS for the accurate location and the navigation.


  • Price

The colors pride p80 is decent smartphone that comes with the price of Rs.9, 995 only in Nepali market which is affordable and reasonable price. If you are looking for the smartphone with you budget price, then don’t think much and buy colors pride p80 which comes with good performance in terms of hardware, display, camera and battery with the smart android 5.1 lollipop operating system. It has a great performance; good display and all acceptable performance part with decent average battery life make the phone good with the price range. It may sometimes create problems with UI that may frustrate you sometime, if not, go and buy the phone. The phone comes along with charger, data cable, earphone with Mic, flip cover, screen protector, user manual and warranty card.