In order to anticipate (and ultimately fulfill) any company’s content marketing needs, our team of SEO experts and seasoned content writers are well versed in everything from content creation and promotion to web analytics, search engine marketing, social media promotion, website management, email outreach and much more.

In such a competitive world, buyers are becoming increasingly self-directed and that means that you have the opportunity to create the content that satisfies their quest for answers and directs them t the perfect product, business solution or service. That’s precisely why Baba Pandey’s content marketing services are tailored for your specific needs.

What is Content Marketing and Why do You Need High-quality Content Marketing Services?

Content marketing is the perfect solution to a business’ needs. Think about it: consumers are getting smarter at weeding out advertisements, skipping over commercials and ignoring sales pitches all together. They simply don’t enjoy being sold and need to know that they’ve made the correct decision based on personal preference and rigorous analysis. Content marketing provides your company or website with the branded content that it needs to drive sales.

Studies have repeatedly shown that B2B decision makers are positively influenced in their purchase decisions when coming across branded content. Similarly, over 60 percent of consumers will more likely purchase from businesses offering custom content. So why not jump on the bandwagon and encourage sales to rise via our competitive and successful content marketing services?

Produced correctly and timed perfectly, successful content marketing is your key to business success. Content marketing is all about conveying the right message to your audience at the perfect moment, however, it entails a delicate and thorough process of identifying your target audience, defining potential buyers and understanding the problems and questions they have throughout the buying process.

Having understood all this information, content marketers, creatives and decision makers converge on the content type and publication frequency that best cater to these buyer requirements.

What You Get with Baba Pandey’s Content Marketing Services

The key to content marketing is to offer your buyers value. That’s exactly what we cater to. Baba Pandey’s content marketing services entail:

  • High-quality, fresh content that is tailored to your business’ customers and potential buyers
  • Unique content marketing channels that cater to your audience
  • Inspiring content based on a thorough creation process
  • A well-planned social media strategy to promote the content

In the end, your brand will stand out from the crowd by educating its prospects and offering fresh, relevant content whenever a prospect visits the site. This will earn your brand trust, credibility, and more importantly, it will drive sales.

Remember that today’s internet users are harsher than any algorithm. That’s precisely why we deliver content that pleases and inspires. With the help of our carefully designed social media and email nurturing campaigns, we ensure that your prospects only receive the best content at the best time. Our content marketing services encompass a wide variety of content delivery avenues as well as the materials themselves. These resources become the bread and butter of our outreach campaigns, which help you get the most social conversions and a measurable return of investment.

What to Expect from Our Content Marketing Services

Our tested lead-generation content includes:

  • How-to guides
  • Video tutorials
  • Content guides
  • E-books
  • Customized landing and product pages
  • Capture forms
  • Targeted email campaigns
  • Supporting posts on social media platforms
  • Blog Content
  • Vlog Content
  • Infographics
  • Press releases and more

You can be sure that with Baba Pandey, you’ll be getting premium quality content, an issue that most marketers struggle with. Our highly trained team of writers are capable of creating expert content in any niche that’s bound to impress and inspire.

Our content marketing strategy is focused around identifying the buyer personas that fuel content production, focusing on reliable analytics to measure the results, monthly editorial workflows and thorough keyword research to maximize the potential of your content as well as a thorough social media campaign to get your content in front of the right people.

Let’s Identify Your Buyers and Get to Work!

We’d love to hear about your business and how you’ve attempted to better craft a content marketing strategy to drive sales. Contact us via email, phone or contact form and we’ll get back to you to discuss the many ways in which Baba Pandey’s proven content marketing services can help strengthen your brand and draw customers closer. Just drop us a line!