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Consistently producing engaging and high-quality content is difficult, especially for companies that lack the time and resources to do so. Editorial calendars are excellent solutions, yet they’re difficult to create without the proper expertise, and businesses struggle with consistency because they lack this perfect solution. But with our content planning and editorial calendar creation services, you can be sure that you have a fresh and engaging post week after week after week.

What is an Editorial Calendar and Why Do You Need One?

Though most webmasters understand the basic concept of an editorial calendar (at least in the traditional sense), they’re quite unfamiliar with specifics. But there’s a significant difference between traditional editorial calendars and content marketing editorial calendars. First off, they’re highly strategic and specific to your brand’s and business’ needs.

Our SEO expert team and seasoned content marketers perform rigorous analyses in order to identify and understand your target audience, their motivations and their interests, so that your content can foster connections between your brand and your audience.

That’s why a content marketing editorial calendar is so important for all of your content planning efforts. It is a document that gives you complete control and a strategic approach to all of your content creation efforts. An editorial calendar helps you:

  • Identify and generate post ideas and key topics that your audience is interested in
  • Create a strict publication schedule meant to maximize the effects of your content
  • Assign writing tasks to your team members
  • Immediately identify issues and make in-process adjustments
  • Visualize your content marketing strategy and play on your brand’s strengths

More importantly, having a well-planned editorial calendar has a variety of benefits:

  • It ensures the framework you need to deliver the content that your audience is expecting
  • It allows you to be deliberate about how you convey your message
  • It builds trust with your audience
  • It helps maintain a consistent presence
  • It keeps your team organized

Why Our Content Planning and Editorial Calendar Creation Services Work

Baba Pandey’s expert content marketers help you keep up with the industry’s process by creating exhaustive editorial calendars that streamline your entire content marketing strategy. We provide efficient and robust editorial calendars so that you and your business are on the right path to success.

Here’s how the editorial calendar creation process works:

  • Our content marketers identify your target audience and focus on their needs and questions
  • They also identify the purposes for your content creation efforts: is it leads you’re after? Or better yet, do you want to set yourself apart as an expert in the field? Are you seeking to increase attendance to events, increase your website’s traffic or promote a specific service or product? We take all that into consideration.
  • They identify unmet industry needs that provide you with the unique opportunity as standing out as the sole solution provider. Your content will specifically address those needs and fill the gap between your current content creation efforts and the expectations of your audience.
  • They set up the editorial calendar by taking into account your business’ resources, the ideal posting frequency, the types of content that can benefit your business, your particular content marketing goals and much more.

Our content planning efforts and editorial calendars will also detail the publication channels that will ensure that your content reaches the right audience (aside from your company’s blog, there are social media channels, newsletters, press releases and many more). They will also discuss visuals and design issues that may be influencing your overall performance and entail specific CTAs (calls to action) to align your content with your company’s marketing goals.

Let’s Start the Editorial Calendar Creation Process Now!

So get in touch and let’s discuss your specific needs! Contact us via phone, email or contact form and let’s plan out your content marketing strategy and create the editorial calendar that will put your business on the map!