Everybody wish to have own website specially students, online researchers but what come in between of us and own website is expensive price of domain names and web hosting. But don’t worry today I am here with you all to teach how to make website with YOURDOMAIN.com.np for free and you can use blogger.com for free hosting too. Nepal Government is keen to uplift the e-business as well online services in Nepal so they are offering free domain names to their citizens. Before we start let me tell you some requirements to get .com.np site:

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-You must bear a Nepali citizenship card to get it for free.

-If you are foreigner you need to have Nepali Passport, more information on the official website of mercantile Nepal.

-Note: For personal use you can use domain name as your personal name only example yourname.com.np either they will decline your application and reject your domain.


Ok let’s start our journey to make a free .com.np website. You need to have web host to attach a domain name on it. Despite paid host service providers, you can start for free from Google Blogger. Go to blogger.com and create a new account and blog; you can choose any sub domain name for your blogger as we will not require it often and it will only be secondary address of your site. Now scan your citizenship card and save it in your storage along with two passport size photographs. Now head to mercantile Nepal official website to register the domain register.mos.com.np and choose your desired domain name and drag the box to the basket and provide all necessary details as shown in the screen capture below.


*Note: We have hidden domain names and email address for security reasons.

Now after you finished this step then wait for email that arrives to your email id that you used to register the account. As soon as you receive the mail, they will tell you everything they need to register your domain. Read all the terms and condition of mercantile Nepal and click on the link that is forwarded to you in your email. Now you have to provide your first name, last name and a strong password; your domain is now partially registered. After you finished validating your email then log in to your account using the credentials from which you signed up. As soon as you log in to your account you will see a form similar to below; fill only on administrative contacts and leave organizational form empty.



Now you have to upload the scanned copy of your citizenship (front and back) one by one. And please don’t forget to rename you image to yourdomain.com.np.jpg. After you upload your image you have to provide name servers. There is several free domain management service but today I will teach by using afraid.org domain management service. In the place of primary name server fill up ns1.afraid.org and similarly in secondary name server fill up ns2.afraid.org and finally leave the tertiary name server box empty. Now your form looks like as shown in screen capture below:


After you finish up again log in to your account and check the domain approval and make sure the domain is under approval as shown in the screen capture below:


*Hided portion is our domain. we hided it for security purposes.

Finally 95% task of registering an .np domain has been completed but what is rest 5%. You need to submit a written application to the office of mercantile Nepal either by Fax or by Email. I would recommend using email as it is free, easy and efficient. You have to write an email to hostmaster@mercantile.com.np attaching your scanned citizenship (both side) card to complete your registration. Here is a sample of the email which you can copy and forward to them.


#Sample Email

Dear Sir/ Madam,
I would like to register .np domain name for my personal use. I have already submitted the .np domain registration online form from your official website. Furthermore I have written this email and I have attached the photocopy of my citizenship (both sides) within this application.
I will be glad if you registered my domain name as soon as possible. And finally thank you for considering my application.
Domain name: www. Your domain .com .np
Sincerely yours
Mr./ Mrs. Your Name

Don’t forget to attach your scanned citizenship card in your email either they may reject your application. Now you have to wait 1-2 days so that mercantile Nepal will review your application and approve it. As soon they approve your domain name they will forward an email to you stating that your domain is successfully approved. But if there is any kind of Government holiday then they may take a bit more time to reply your application. As soon as your domain is registered go to afraid.org and create an account to manage the DNS of your domain. I had already told you to create a blog in blogger.com, if you have not created then create it fast now you will need it.  Now log into your account at afraid.org and click on domains in dashboard. Now you have to click in add a domain button and write the domain name which we registered from mercantile Nepal. After it afraid.org will check your primary and secondary name severs and verify that the domain is registered on their name servers. As soon as the validation process ends you have to click on sub domains present in dashboard. Now click on add a sub domain in top left and you will see something as shown in screen capture below.



Now you have to fill up several IP address in destinations which I will guide you below. In the field of type choose A and leave the sub domain field empty. And choose your domain from drop down menu and in the field of destination type and save it. Now the form looks as shown in screen capture below.




*Domain names are hided for security purposes.

Now add three more destinations listed below similar to first step and after filling four destinations you will see something like this:



*Domain names are hidden for security issues.

Now again choose add a sub domain and now you have to do sight another step. In the field of Type choose CNAME and in the field of sub domain write www and in the field of destination input ghs.google.com and click on save. This step is shown in screen capture below for your assistance:



Finally, last step remained but this step is a bit hard so read it carefully. Go to blogger.com and view your dashboard of recently created blog. Now click on settings in blogger dashboard and go to basic settings and click set up third party domain there as shown in screen capture below:




Now open afraid.org in new tab and again press add a new sub domain as we have done above now carefully copy the highlighted item from your blogger settings:


After you copied it go to afraid.org and create a new sub domain in the field of Type choose CNAME and in the field of sub domain input the text which you copied from above and now in field of destination just copy and paste the item highlighted below:



After you added all the sub domains click on save. Now go to blogger dashboard and click on save settings. Now you are done wait for 15 minutes and type www. your domain .com .np in your browsers it will redirect you to your blog.


So we have successfully assigned our blog to a web address. Enjoy the free service provided by Nepal Government to uplift online access of each and every Nepali. We will soon upload a video about this steps to make you more easy so stay tuned we will be back soon.