Free SEO Website Analysis

With Google’s increasingly stringent approach to ranking and penalties, site audits have become a business necessity. And it must be done regularly, not just before a large SEO campaign or a link building campaign. Baba Pandey’s Free SEO Website Analysis is a thorough and rigorous examination process that results in a report detailing the strong and not so strong traits of your website. This allows you to identify challenges and seize opportunities, so as to maximize your assets and continuously improve your website.

How Baba Pandey’s Free SEO Website Analysis Works

If you’re seeking high-quality SEO or link building services, if you’re in need of a content marketing strategy or an editorial plan that will impress your customers, you’ll also need to have a fair and thorough assessment of your website’s strengths and weaknesses. So let us analyse your site beforehand. Simply get in touch via contact form or email and provide us with the URL of the target website. We’ll take care of the rest.

Our report will include a variety of relevant metrics and information regarding your website, including Google Page Rank, Domain Trust, Domain Authority, Spam Score, Trust Flow, Citation Flow, Alexa Rankings, H Tags, Meta Tags, image optimization, website backlink information, social media popularity, keyword density, if robots.txt is used correctly and much more!

Our audit will also contain information on:

  • Your Website’s health
  • Red flags and potential penalty risks
  • Competitor analysis and opportunity identification
  • Conversion Optimization information
  • Security and vulnerability concerns
  • Negative SEO and downturn in site metrics analysis

We’ll test your website’s accessibility for search engines and crawlers (and, of course, any potential restriction they may face), your sitemap, your site’s architecture, its performance and loading speed, how well it is indexed by search engine, its on-page ranking factors, the URL structure, keywords, content and much more! By the end of our Free SEO Website Analysis, you will have identified your strengths as well as the areas that need working on, and you will know exactly which steps you need to take in order to improve your SERP standing.

Our Free SEO Website Analysis will also contain an in-depth recommendation report where our SEO experts and link building specialists have detailed strategies and suggestions for increased rankings, traffic growth and measurable results.

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