Link Removal

Recovering from a Google penalty is extremely difficult, especially when that penalty is a result of bad-quality links and unnatural link profiles. The question is, how can webmasters identify such a Google Penalty and what is there to do about it? We’ve got the answers and we can also take care of the tedious process that it involves. Our complete Link Removal services involve an exhaustive research process that starts with identifying the reasons for your gradual traffic loss or sudden drop in traffic following a Penguin or Panda update and ends with a safe link removal report and a submission for disavowal.

What our Link Removal Services Entail

Baba Pandey will take care of the entire link removal process, including a complete link profile audit and a manual examination of every suspicious link. We also cater to the entire reporting and disavowal process, so that you don’t have to worry about a thing. Here are some of the things you can expect from our link removal services:

  • We conduct the thorough backlink audit on your site
  • We manually analyse each link to identify suspicious or dangerous backlinks
  • We take over the outreach process, contacting webmasters and asking them to remove specific links
  • We keep detailed records of these manual link removal attempts
  • We create the disavow file that includes backlinks that haven’t been manually removed (this disavow file will later be submitted to google)
  • We take care of your reconsideration request
  • We offer detailed reports preceding and succeeding the removal process to measure the efficiency of the link removal campaign

How do our SEO Experts Conduct the Backlink Audit

Our SEO experts and backlink analysts are granted access to your websites GWT (Google Webmaster Tools), through which, they are capable of identifying and analysing each and every link pointing to your website. This analysis is then completed via other link-specific tools (such as ahrefs and Majestic) in order to get a complete overlook of your website’s backlink profile.

Bad, harmful or suspicious links will be specifically marked in the link removal report (provided to you in a spreadsheet format), containing a multitude of information such as anchor text, referring domain, trust flow and citation flow of the analysed domains, domain diversity and much more).

This report is handed over to you for revision and approval. Once approved, our SEO experts move on to the second part of the process.

After having completed the backlink audit, our backlink analysts will take over the outreach efforts, aimed to convince webmasters to remove the links identified as harmful or suspicious. Throughout this entire process, our analysts keep detailed records, screenshots and documentation pertaining to the manual removal requests.

Since not all websites have valid contact information (especially suspicious ones), certain links cannot be manually removed and will have to be included in the disavowal document. In the case that the webmasters have contact information, we will create personalized emails including the link removal request. Of course, it depends on the webmaster to ultimately get the link removed.

After the entire process has been completed, we create a second spreadsheet including the harmful or suspicious links that could not be manually removed. These will represent the links that will be submitted to Google for disavowal.

The last step in this link removal effort represents a manual reconsideration submission to Google. Pending this request, your penalty may (or may not) be lifted. Bear in mind, though, that even in the case of a negative answer, you can still continue your efforts and identify other reasons standing in the way of your reconsideration.

Can’t Webmasters Undergo the Link Removal Process by Themselves?

In the case of SEO-savvy webmasters, the process of link removal may indeed be attempted, however, it is a gruellingly time-consuming process that drains both time and resources. Apart from the costly software and link-related tools that need to be used in order to obtain a detailed and accurate backlink report, most companies are looking at hundreds of hours of analysis, advanced SEO and link building expertise as well as a lot of patience. These reasons make in-house remediation unfeasible.

Sadly, there are no automated procedures or software that is capable of cleaning up these harmful links, nor is it a solution to simply upload a disavow file and hope that traffic picks up.

Once the penalty is lifted, you should be looking at steadily increasing traffic, though your site will require additional attention in terms of white hat link building, strengthening its brand and regaining authority.

Let’s Get to Work!

Each website is unique and so is its link profile. Of course, there is no one-size-fits-all approach and nowhere is this truer than with link removal services. So don’t linger and get in contact with us to further discuss your website’s situation and how we can help!