Local SEO

Promoting your business by word of mouth is no longer profitable in an increasingly digitalized world. That’s why local businesses have to step-up their efforts of building an online presence and local SEO is the best way to accomplish these goals. But more often than not, small and local business owners lack the SEO experience required to up their game and increase their business. Our local SEO services solve this problem by offering your business the tools and consultancy required to help your local business get on the first page of SERP results.

Why is Local SEO Important for Your Business

Local SEO is one of the most effective online marketing strategies for your business since it promotes your services and products at the exact moment that potential customers are looking for such services. Over the past couple of years, search engines have given local search an ever-increasing importance and experts anticipate that high-quality local SEO services will be more impactful to a business’ bottom line.

The concept is quite simple: you wish to dominate your specific local market and, in order to do so, your ranking in search engines needs to be as high as possible. Consumers and potential customers use SERP results to find the business or service provider they’re seeking, so making sure you rank as high as possible in local search significantly increases the number of customers stepping through your door.

Now that SERPs are getting better at using geographic location and search history to provide individualized results, you’ll want to take full advantage of local SEO to appear on your customers’ radar. Moreover, with smartphone ownership being as high as it is, odds are that customers may be right outside a door when they perform a search. This means that proximity-based search will only become more important, further justifying your need for competitive local SEO services.

Local SEO Services That Put You on the Map

With local SEO, the most important thing is to ensure that search engines have an accurate understanding of what it is that your business does and where it’s located. At Baba Pandey, we have an extensive experience when it comes to local SEO. With the help of our local search ranking techniques, we ensure that:

  • Your website is optimized for local search (NAP data, schema markup, localized keyword choice and optimization)
  • Your content is specifically designed to attract local customers. With the help of localized content marketing, your website will be rich with informative, useful content that engages your local audience and ultimately turns them into customers
  • Your business is fully optimized for Google Maps. We take care of all the details regarding your company’s maps listing, including completing your profiles, standardizing NAP data, claiming any possible missing listings as well as encouraging customers to hand in reviews which ultimately help your site’s rankings.

We take full advantage of all assets and avenues that get your local business noticed. That includes search engine listings, maps, business directories, however, this is not enough. Clever link building is also essential when it comes to local SEO. Local SEO link building is an essential component of our local SEO service package and is focused on acquiring links around your business’s service area.

Our local SEO experts focus on reputable industry citations located on well-established portals, they leverage hyperlocal resources and perform targeted outreach with the help of research tools and data-backed techniques that translate into valuable link building opportunities.

Measurable Results and Efficiency with Our Local SEO Services

We thoroughly document our efforts and provide you with detailed ranking reports showcasing any changes in search positions for your targeted keywords. We also offer ongoing reporting with regards to our local link building and citation efforts, as well as website analytics reporting, so that you are always in charge of how our efforts are impacting your business.

Get in touch with us to get a personalized plan and discuss your business’ specific local search goals with our SEO experts today!