The communication and technology field of Nepal is about to take a giant leap as Nepal Telecom have decided to launch 4th generation 4G technology right here in Nepal. On the official statement released by Nepal Telecom, they have declared to launch 4G in Nepal very soon within this year. The technology experts have a great hope that the communication and information technology which is ongoing in slow and dramatic pace will suddenly up rise and also will take a great leap very soon after the official launch of 4G in Nepal. The step of the government telecommunication service provider Nepal Telecom seems to be adorable. Nepal Telecom have been already working with concerned companies to upgrade their service and technology for their upcoming 4G service respectively.

Nepal telecom is not only planning to launch 4G service here in Nepal but in the mean time they have also planned to add more than 10 million mobile line throughout country. The joint spoke person at Nepal Telecom, Gunakeshari ntc 4gPradhan told that the preparation is under going to upgrade the network service into 4G technology. In addition she too informed that Nepal Telecom has started some negotiation with Chinese Companies ZTE and Huawei, for upgrading the technology to 4G. Furthermore, she added the deal is yet to be finalized to upgrade the service of Nepal Telecom to 4G. The deal is about to be signed with two companies ZTE and Huawei respectively within this year.


Nepal Telecom will re-map the network design of Kathmandu, Birjung, Pokhara, Biratnagar and other major cities with a priority of upgrading its 2.5 and 3G technology along with its data and voice services too in those places. In a data recorded on  Nepal Telecom, it has just 50 thousand subscribers of 3G throughout the country.


Nepal Telecom is also planning to circulate 2 million IP CDMA technologies to their news subscribers within next few months and also will upgrade the CDMA network to IP Internet Protocol and the voice and data services too. Nepal Telecom is upgrading their internet facilities and services as they have planned to make data connection and internet as their ultimate revenue sources.

Nepal Telecom has already provided an application to the Nepal’s regulator Nepal Telecommunication Authority NTA for granting the permission to upgrade their network to 4G. Nepal Telecom in a statement said it will start working on 4G as soon as it receives permission from Nepal Telecommunication Authority. The managing director of 1-3-1Nepal Telecom, Buddhi Prasad Acharya told that “We want Nepal Telecommunication to respond on our request so that we can work for 4G in Nepal right way.” He furthermore added “We cannot procure technology as fast as private sector can and we have to compete private sectors which have great impact for making our service full of good quality”.  It have been more than one year since Nepal Telecom have drafted an application for the approval to launch 4G in Nepal.

Recently the Ncell was purchased by Axita, a Malaysian telecommunication provider and own 80% right to Ncell with the deal of 1.32 billion USD last month. Another service provider Smart Cell is far behind to compete with NTC and Ncell, however United Telecom Limited UTL only provides limited mobility with CDMA based services. After the establishment of 4G from Nepal Telecom it will be largest broadband service provider of Nepal leaving behind Ncell far away.

Nepal Telecom has proudly announced to launch 4G WiMAX IEEE 802.16e services for the first time in our country. They have planned to offer WiMAX broadband internet service to be improved with a lot of flexibility. As Nepal Telecom is the leader in the market of a wireless internet its upgrade to 4G will make it king of all. However Nepal Telecom will only upgrade their network to 4G only in metropolitans and sub metropolitans city only in first phase but in second phase they will upgrade it in most part of country which can take a bit more time. But Nepal Telecom has announced that before they activate 4G services in those metropolitans and sub metropolitans cities they will expand 3G network all over the country as per their new network road map. On last Wednesday, Nepal Telecom in a press conference revealed a network road map made to enhance their quality in telecommunication.


4G, The successor of the 3G will definitely bring the ultimate revolution in the field of technology and information of our country. The plus point will be we shall not have to wait too long to buffer videos and stream it also there will be fluent video call as well. It is expected that after the installation of 4G whole user experience of internet users will drastically change hovering some positive consequences.

The 4G was first used in South Korea in 2007 and in the subsequent year 2008 it was installed in USA and by 2010 it was installed almost nation of world. Though our country is back in technology it took nine years for us to experience 4G technology.

The cheap and efficient data package offered by NTC has directly challenged its top level competitor Ncell and due to Nepali telecom ntc tower 4G LTE nepal ncell (2)which NTC is planning to make the data connection as the ultimate source of revenue. The data package offered by NTC varies from 200 MB to 10 GB with 1 to 6 months validity respectively. You can purchase the data package of NTC by forwarding the relevant code to 1415 for example to subscribe 10 GB you have to write DATA10GB and forward it to 1415 and similarly to subscribe 200 MB you have to forward SMS writing DATA200MB to 1415 and so on. If you want to know the remaining data package in your subscription you can type ‘bl’ to 1415.


Finally, whole technology and internet users from Nepal are keenly waiting for activation of 4G in Nepal by Nepal Telecom. The main goal of Nepal Telecom is to provide internet service to every corner of Nepal. Let’s hope Nepal Telecom will enhance its customer service and minimize the system errors in their telecommunication network. We are hoping to get a finest internet connection from Nepal Telecom which will assist us a lot in our daily life.