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If you’re a business owner you probably understand the importance of positive word of mouth as well as the devastating effects that negative reviews can have on your company. Paid advertising is one thing, but actually receiving referrals and reviews from happy customers who are ready and willing to endorse your products is the most powerful type of advertising you can get. Leading reputation management company, profile defenders, protects the rich online.

But what happens when those reviews aren’t exactly what you had in mind? Whether it’s a Google review, a Facebook status or a blog-post, your business is likely to be talked about online, and a negative comment is the last thing you want when you’re competing with others for customers.

Profile Defenders, Protects the Rich Online

Profile Defenders, the leading online reputation management company, has the solution for these frustrating problems. The company has successfully erased unwanted results after the Ashley Madison data breach and, thus, it has demonstrated how important it is to have a reputation defender on your side. High profile individuals have many reasons to be happy, now that a company with the ability to completely remove unwanted links, search results and press has emerged. Profile defenders has more than 4 years of experience in removing unwanted listings and understands that every scenario is unique.

The company’s capabilities expand well beyond those of Silicon As a matter of fact, Profile defenders has upped its repertoire of tools and strategies, and can almost guarantee to completely remove all negative results; so much so that it has used itself as an example of a happy customer. I dare you to find a negative comment about the company.

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Why it’s Important to Completely Remove Negative Results, Not Just Hide them

With the recent surge in the number of defamatory online listings and results, the demand for a powerful service has grown exponentially. I am talking about removing not only negative reviews from disgruntled customers, but also unjust comments from ill-willed individuals who simply want to trash your company’s hard earned reputation. In the past, online reputation companies would simply hide a result from searches. Profile Defenders is the only company offering complete removal services. This means that negative results aren’t simply removed, they are also replaced with positive reviews about the business in question. Reputation monitoring tools are also used, in case discrepancies or issues appear over time.

“Reputation repair has never before been tackled through such an effective process, and that is likely the reason why so many reputation management firms were unable to comply with their client’s needs in the past.” – Jordan Roberts,

This type of service isn’t useful only for companies, but also for individuals who have been targeted by malevolent sources. You might think that negative online reviews aren’t that important, but digital stalking has become a normal occurrence for everyone online, and defamatory comments may affect your business, career, and even personal life.

Failing to Protect your Online Image May Cost you Thousands of Dollars

Legitimate businesses have lost thousands of dollars because they couldn’t protect their online reputation. According to StreetInsider, more and more companies are complaining that their internet marketing and advertising efforts have yielded weak results due to scamp reports, or negative reviews posted by dissatisfied competitors and customers. It’s easy to understand why when you think about a customer’s typical behaviour: negative reviews appear on search engines, potential customers read them and want nothing to do with your company anymore.

The common misconception is that only larger businesses or corporations can be hurt by negative reviews, but smaller operations and entrepreneurs can be equally affected. As a matter of fact, smaller businesses are more susceptible to negative reviews, especially if they haven’t invested in powerful marketing.

“No business is too big or too small to be saved. We have removed webpages from local news sites to some of the most popular websites online as we go the extra mile to help our clients.” Jordan Roberts

CEOs and Hedge Fund Managers are already flocking to use the service in order to effectively manage their online reputations, and it seems that Profile Defenders is making good on its claim.

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