Reputation Management

Marketing executives and CEOs know exactly how badly poor online reputation can influence a company’s bottom line. In fact, studies reveal that over 80% of consumers’ purchases are influenced by the reviews they read online. With the help of Baba Pandey’s Reputation Management services, you can be sure that you’re in complete control of what your customers find.

Why is Reputation Management so Important

The process of improving a company’s online reputation may be difficult, but its benefits should never be overseen. The most important impact that online reputation management has is on a company’s revenue and that’s your foremost concern as a business owner.

In a world where most of us live out our lives online, it’s difficult to control the major downsides of social media and over-sharing. Imagine the following scenario: you’ve spent years, hundreds of thousands of dollars and most importantly, you’ve invested passion into building your business. You’ve done everything right, with dedication and sacrifice, and while you’re still providing an excellent service and have loyal customers that keep coming back, you simply can’t attract new ones. Because of a single impediment: negative online reviews.

The issue with negative business reviews is that they severely impact your success rate. Regardless of any other marketing efforts, if you cannot present your customers your company’s stellar reputation, you won’t gain clients. It’s as simple as that. But much more than just influencing sales, online reputation also negatively influences press coverage and a company’s hiring ability.

That’s precisely why an online reputation management service is essential to your company’s success. For one, it ensures that your current and potential investors, business partners and customers get to see your best side. It also fosters trust and credibility by increasing confidence in your products or recovering from negative publicity if you were faced with it. But more importantly than anything, proper reputation management services will increase sales.

Baba Pandey’s Reputation Management Services

We offer companies comprehensive and effective reputation management strategies that include crisis response, strategic PR as well as brand preservation. We have a proven track record of successful campaigns with clients who have restored their online reputations as a result of our innovative approach and unique attention to detail.

Baba Pandey offers companies and website owners the maximum control possible over what internet users view about them online. Our reputation management experts have a deep technical expertise when it comes to fixing or increasing your online reputation. They ensure that a client’s story and online presence includes professionally-written biographies, resumes as well as other valuable information that is pushed to the top of SERP results.

As part of our process, we comprise a detailed report outlining your current standing and the overall sentiment relating to your brand and/or personal name. Once having identified the strengths and weaknesses of a business, we build a comprehensive strategy to combat any negative connotations or replace them with positive information, newsworthy content and relevant materials to your customers.

We have reputation management experts responsible for assessing your online reputation and risk, as well as suggest reputation-protection and solutions. Of course, these suggestions greatly vary in accordance to a company’s standing, the number of negative reviews, as well as niche-related particularities. Our approach encompasses public relations campaigns, content development and promotion, social media management and leveraging company-related websites and support forums.

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