UX and SEO Leads to Success

UX and SEO Leads to Success 1

UX and SEO Leads to Success

If there’s one thing that hasn’t changed about SEO in the last few years it’s the fact that it remains as unpredictable as ever. As frustrating as the latest algorithm updates have been – specifically Penguin, Panda and Mobilgeddon – the truth is that they have made the web a better place. Some might say that SEO, in its simplest form, is the science of ranking a website and its pages on SERPs, but this is just one part of the story, only togheter UX and SEO leads to success. Search Engine Optimization is about understanding exactly what users and consumers are looking for and providing them with the value they seek.

It’s becoming clear that Google considers user behaviour signals (e.g.: navigability, page-load speed, cluttering above the fold, engagement level etc.) in its organic search algorithm. This can only mean one thing: SEOs have to think beyond the keyword to truly understand what the user needs. In the past couple of years, search engines have relegated many traditional SEO techniques to a supportive role and shifted their focus to experiences that pique the interest of users.

UX and SEO Leads to Success of your Business

Studies have shown that websites which pay attention to UX are consistently rewarded with better SEO rankings and are less vulnerable to unexpected algorithmic updates. Aligning your strategy with Google’s vision, improving the efficiency and relevancy of your site, and applying the best practices of traditional SEO will help you gain the competitive edge.

“When SEO and UX share in their knowledge and goals, the result is a usable site that also performs.” – Source: Laurel Marcus, SearchEngineWatch

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