Link Bait Strategies

Links are a critical component of search engine ranking algorithms, because they’re a direct testimony to the trustworthiness and value of your content. Link bait strategies strive to achieve just that: to create the viral content that webmasters just love to link to.

The truth about effective link bait strategies is that they’re just another word for “exceptional content”. Now creating the kind of content that draws people in, that inspires, that people want to link to isn’t a walk in the park. Despite what most SEO’s tell you, there still isn’t a magic formula for creating content that is link worthy. It would be oh, so simple!

Effective link bait strategies involve a complex process of target audience examination as well as a deep understanding of the content’s usefulness and meaning. What would YOUR readers and YOUR peers consider link-worthy? What type of material are they interested in? Wherein lies the value of the content you create and can you provide the answers they seek?

Link bait is a perfect white hat link building strategy for any business owner attempting to increase the online visibility of his products while also strengthening his brand. At Baba Pandey, we’ve provided countless clients with effective, niche-specific link bait strategies and ideas that have earned them fistfuls of links and, most importantly, some well-deserved recognition in their field.

Baba Pandey’s approach to Link Bait

Our longstanding experience with successful link bait strategies ensures that you’re getting the best product. It entails not only the content generation process (brainstorming, idea suggestion, content creation and publication) but also the outreach and link building endeavours that it implies.

Depending on your niche, our approach may involve research, surveys, egobait, infographics, ultimate lists and guides, expert interviews or roundups, reviews, case studies, reference materials and more. The key factors when devising such a link bait strategy is to ensure that:

  • You identify a highly-anticipated, desired topic;
  • Influencers in your field notice and get involved;
  • The material is easy to grasp, beautifully designed and inviting;
  • You’re offering valuable, necessary information;
  • The content is niche-personalized and caters to your readers
  • It becomes a go-to resource

Our Link Bait Services

In order to ensure the success of any link bait campaign you wish to begin, our link bait services include all of the necessary ingredients that result in viral content that internet users and webmasters adore.

  • We come up with amazing concepts as the basis for your viral content
  • We identify the unique selling point that makes your piece of content unique
  • We take care of the outreach process (both pre- and post- publication, for excited and eager SEO’s)
  • We take advantage of all available resources and promotion mediums
  • We ensure that your piece is deliciously designed
  • We carry out the process effectively so that you only reap the rewards!

But more importantly, we also ensure that the pieces we create remain link-worthy and continuously add value over time.

Let’s Start Attracting Links!

Get in touch right now to further discuss any questions you may have about link bait strategies and how they may serve your website or products. Just send us an email or contact us via form and provide us with certain details such as the target website, competitors, and whether you had a specific concept in mind. We’ll get back to you with a proposition as well as an initial free SEO website analysis that serves as a starting point for any SEO campaigns you may have in mind.