Website Backlink Audit

SEO Experts and professionals rely on website and backlink audits to get a better idea of what they’re up against. In fact, a website backlink audit represents the first and most important step in developing a scalable and efficient link building plan. Your strategy for earning and building links should rely on the knowledge that certain types of links are the key to success in a specific niche. Understanding your current backlink profile will give you an edge over your competition and it will also allow you to closely inspect which elements you should focus on most in future endeavours.

Baba Pandey’s website backlink audit services include in-depth reports and data-backed conclusions that rely on a variety of market-specific tools that investigate the complete backlink profile of a website, including 301 redirects, broken links and potentially harmful backlinks.

When is a Backlink Audit Necessary?

One important question that business and website owners need to ask themselves is when a backlink audit is warranted. Of course, you will want to receive regular updates on your website’s backlink profile, but there are certain specific situations when such an audit is not only recommended, but also necessary:

  • If you’re planning on starting a new link building campaign
  • If you fear a google Penalty or if you’ve already received such a penalty
  • If you want to identify your link profile flaws and strong points
  • If you’re preparing a link clean-up (link removal) process
  • If you’re unsure of your competitive advantages

What is a Backlink Audit

Our SEO expert backlink audit services provide you with a comprehensive, in depth backlink report that offers valuable information about your website’s link profile, including natural and unnatural links, anchor texts, the URL’s of the websites linking to you, whether those links are followed or no-followed. However, a comprehensive backlink audit doesn’t just involve inbound links, but also outgoing links (links pointing from your website towards other websites).

We examine referring domains and the referring domain to number of backlink ratio, your website’s google penalty risk (in relation to the types of links being directed at your website), link velocity (the link acquisition trend and speed, which may indicate an unnatural linking profile), anchor texts, as well as investigate the possibility of negative SEO campaigns being directed at your website.

What are You Paying for?

When choosing our website backlink audit, you’re making sure that expert link builders are analysing your website’s backlinks and determining whether they showcase a natural or unnatural profile. We make sure that all link building efforts are Penguin-compliant (including an honest, healthy mix of branded keyword links –Your Site,,, YourSite- exact-match and partial-match keyword links, generic links as well as page-title links).

We use cutting-edge software and link analysis tools that collect valuable data including unnatural link signals (such as links with commercial anchor texts, manipulative links, links stemming from low-quality websites, links from sites in irrelevant niches, links stemming from link networks, etc.).

After we’ve collected all the necessary information, we evaluate your website’ total risk score by aggregating this information and deducing points for each negative signal that we’ve detected. Of course, since each niche is unique, this process depends greatly on the ideal linking structure of each individual niche.

At the end of the audit, you’ll know your website’s:

  • Anchor text distribution and percentages
  • No-followed vs. do-follow links
  • Home-page links
  • Deep-page links
  • Image links
  • Top referring domains
  • Number of referring IPs
  • Referring domain to backlink ratio
  • Important link-dependent metrics

Want to know more?

Get in touch with us and we’ll discuss the process in detail, so you know exactly what to expect! Just send us an email or contact us via contact form and provide us with some details (target website URL) and we’ll get back to you to set up a meeting!