10 Idiot-Proof Ways to Make Money as a Writer in Nepal

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10 Idiot-Proof Ways to Make Money as a Writer in Nepal

So, you want to make money as an article writer in Nepal? You got this man!

No, I won’t tell you that turning out to be a professional or paid writer is as easy as pie.

You got to imagine yourself, at some point down the line, sitting in a comfy chair, urging on your fingers to type loads, and loads of authentic words. But still, ‘not easy’ ain’t an equivalent to ‘not achievable.’

Let’s bring out a reality that’s beautiful and imperfect from your perfect dream.

To all the article writers in Nepal, get your writing skills best paid off through this newsy post— bring in good loads of greenbacks.

Put these ultra-useful tips into use to get started on making a profit as an article writer in Nepal— from your very beginning write-up.

Just a reminder- any expert was once a beginner. From buds to the blossoms, we do grow. The more you write, the earlier you’d level up your expertise in professional writing.

Now, you do need specific skillsets. For instance, if you are looking to become a technical writer, it’s always an advantage to have a Master’s degree. Similarly, knowing a few coding languages can help you set apart from the competition. However, you don’t always need to depend on degrees and certifications to get ahead. The one most important thing that can set you out is dedication. With good writing skills and a willingness to learn, you will be able to walk farther down the road than most others.

So, how do you start?

There are many a way to earn money by writing. Be it a part-time job or a full-time one in Nepal; here you have got some super cool ways to turn the words you write into the bucks you spend.

Well, a full-time job, writing articles about 2000 to 3000 words a day, Monday through Friday, ain’t a “no sweat,” but is a ton of fun.

article writer nepal

How to Start a Lucrative Writing Career?

How do you start getting paid pretty good for the words you pen down?

We have done a real sincere homework to come up with some cool tips that refine and redefine your writing skills. Yes, redefine your perspective of using your writing skills to make the most out of it.

Having the ability to write and make good heaps of money out of it can be super cool and rewarding. You get to choose the clients you want to work with or the websites that interest you the most to put down some authentic content.

You could also set your own prices for your write-ups— they do get an increased demand as your experience and the time goes on. So, there’s a point of time that’s probably gonna come soon where you get to chill out with a persistent income or maybe a passive one. Crazy, right?

We’ve got you some super handy tips to make a profit out of the flawless writing skills you own. These are the top 10 money-making ideas for the article writers in Nepal. They do work!

10 Idiot-Proof Ways to Make Money as a Writer in Nepal

The world needs good content.

As long as you put down some authentic content, you will have people interested.

The question though, is, how do you make money through writing?

There are a lot of successful freelance writers and full-time writers who make even more money through writing. They make a living through freelance writing (that’s gaining income in other words). As the experience piles up, it becomes easier to find clients or getting new projects.

On the other hand, several writers barely earn profit by writing. They do struggle a lot to replace their dead-end job. In addition to this, their exhausted heads have no clue about getting away from a trashy freelancing project.

So, let’s not turn out to be one of them.

We are to your rescue. Let’s help you write for money and get paid very well. Let’s choose wisely.

Here’s to the top 10 idiot-proof ways to make money as a writer in Nepal.

  1. Write Articles for Blogs, Journals, and Magazines

Are you looking to launch your own blog? Then do wonder about what it takes not just to launch it but set it right over time and make money.

There are way more people who tried their hand at blogging but not so successful in being profited. Don’t waste your time on this slow process of gaining passive income.

Blogging has greater impact and value and is more permanent— compared to what we read or write on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and all.

In recent years, there is a seemingly good hike in the traditional blogs and business blogs.

Blogging is way more vital in 2020 than ever before. It’s pretty successful at the niche-oriented content. Be it an education-driven one, an inspiring one, or a humorous one but is still relevant in the present scenario.

Blogs are rated as the most credible source for gathering online information in the first place.

So, if you’re passionate about making good loads of money then do use your art of blogging for others. Blog writing clients are the best for a consistent income.

Smartly play the game of words like a pro. The blogs, journals, and magazines relentlessly starve for good conversational content. They do pay for your quality articles.

So, do freelance for these publications to cleverly make money as an article writer in Nepal.

  1. Pen Down for Content-Hungry Content Sites

For the last five years, writing for businesses has been one of the best ways to make money for article writers in Nepal.

Companies that do hire writers for their website content get 97% more links to their websites. 72 percent of online marketers say that the creation of content is the most effective SEO tactic for their business.

Every business needs a strong online presence. And, it gains more exposure by putting up some intriguing and credible content on its website. Here, the article writers enter the scene to outshine a particular business’s competitors.

Ah, competitors! To do more, you need to hire an expert team of writers to enhance their sales.

If you can target a particular audience, know marketing fundamentals, and SEO, there’s a good market for the savvy article writers like you in Nepal. You can make around 35,000 Nepali Rupees each month by being a content writer.

  1. Get Paid to Write eBooks

Have you ever heard about a life of more freedom as a full-time article writer in Nepal?

Could self-publishing with eBooks be more accessible than now?

In the 1990s, self-publishing meant that we have to pay thousands of bucks for the physical copies.

Now, 74 percent of the eBooks are sold on Amazon. It’s easy to sell on Amazon— the process of publishing is clear-cut and more. Amazon does pay you when the readers check out on your books.

You could be the best-selling author of Kindle or anything other self-publishing book markets.

To break a leg in here, put on that commercial version and target the market in demand. While passion matters, purpose fuels passion. So, stand by it.

If you are looking to get anything close to a full-time passive income, your first published book might not be the chosen one.

Fiction is fancy but potentially difficult. So, stick to nonfiction in the budding stage. It’s way more apt for the bloggers. Or, stick to any famous niche you’ve been blogging. This way, you would probably lay out a popular book too.

A fiction writer?

To make it as a fiction writer, you’ve to be mindful of the market that has worthy demand from the readers.

And yes, since Thanos is fictional, your very first book ain’t going to be published in a snap. Hang around to work on several books.

  1. Earn Money by Copywriting

If you have got that unique perspective and super-creative mind that’s always out of the box, go for copywriting.

To be precise, all you need to do is reinforce your readers to do a particular action.

In recent years, there’s a high demand and trend for a more conversational and empathetic style of copywriting.

Come up with freshly baked content for marketing, advertising, scripts for videos, sales letters, taglines, ad jingles, or descriptive texts for jobs on a website.

Copywriting is one of the best ways to make money easily in Nepal. Besides, it’s way more fun for the article writers to step out of their brains.

  1. Write for Webpages to Enhance and Earn

Writing is a profit-making career of course!

We figured out writing for your own blog and making money out of it is kind of an uphill battle, didn’t we?

Like sand on the beach or maybe stars in the sky, there are quite a few webpages on the internet.

There are around 409 million humans who view more than 20 billion pages every month.

What do they all need?

Interesting content that catches the sight of the readers.

You’ve to write something that’s interesting and perfectly optimized to top the search results.

If you’re craving to make online article writing work, go for this. Write for others. Keep on applying for the jobs only to shook by the pay.

If you could actually offer the attention deserved by the website, the owners are eager to pay you some good loads of bucks.

  1. Ghostwrite the Books

Since ghostwriting doesn’t involve any Ouija board, you can earn real income in here.

Passionate about making money as an article writer in Nepal?

Ghostwriting is the best bet!

You might have come across some online writing jobs already. Yes, cool, but potential clients are from the ghostwriting,

Before the opportunities run for the hills, catch them up to get loaded.

A beginner in ghostwriting can earn an average of $1,000 per project and a lot more as you get experienced.

The pay and the average completion time (basically, six months for a book) varies accordingly with the length and the topic of the book.

An article on ghostwriting says that at least 25% of the New York Times nonfiction bestseller list is ghostwritten.

  1. Make the Most out of Email marketing

Yes, you’re right! There’s an apparent downfall in email marketing for the past five years.

But email marketing is still alive – effective and still the best way to sell anything online.

A lot of companies shy away from email marketing campaigns as they reckon it’s a ‘behind the time’s approach’ to best reach their audience.

63% of marketers say that email marketing is the most productive medium for the generation of income.

In 2020, it’s still a great tool to attract and retain customers.

Writing emails is one of the most impeccable ways to make unfailing income as a writer in Nepal.

Let clients narrate their stories with appealing email campaigns.

  1. Rewrite the Content to Earn

Not all the content’s created equally. You know, right?

Putting up all the fresh and brand-new content all the time is not as easy as ABC.

So, there are clients in Nepal looking forward to having the content rewritten to rank well on the page.

Rewrite the articles and utterly transform them into the ones with top-grade quality and optimization.

Since Google continually updates its algorithm, you need to update existing content too.

For that, savvy clients need a creative and unique touch of article writers like you in Nepal. They want access for the rewrites to be much simpler and faster without putting a single toe out of their budget.

You need not have to bring out new content from scratch, though. So, it’s pretty easy and straightforward.

  1. Write Content for the Online Courses

Educational technology and video content have always been in trend. You need quality eLearning professionals always.

Results? There’s a great platform for the article writers to influence an online course’s triumph.

The industry of online courses reached $200 billion the previous year. Boom!

Imagine how much the scope is. Well, coming up with engaging content for online courses is a challenge anyway. But put in efforts and pick up a strategy to earn like a pro.

By 2025, the global e-Learning is estimated to have a net market value of $325 billion.

This is a mushrooming market to make good loads of money as a writer in Nepal.

  1. Try Your Hand at Social Media Captions

The social media! Do you think it’s ever going to be overthrown? Can you?

As long as we have memes and trolls, and a need for the communication (unless we collect the memes in a museum to preserve our digital cultural heritage), you can try your hand at the social media copywriting projects.

Not just social media— a t-shirt company maybe? They need words— and that’s when copywriting comes in.

Just write captions. Put the ‘witty and precise you’ into the action—the caption on Instagram, Facebook, and more for the clients. You basically get paid per post or monthly.

Start your Journey as a Writer Today!

If you have visions of writing and earning, chances are, you could be disappointed like in any other field. I understand we all are longing to make it work.

And yes, we do not want to go back and pick up the threads of corporate work to working 9-5 (oof! Night terrors).

There are so many sources out there that are yearning to fill in their tummy with rich content. And, too grateful to owe several bucks back for the service of talented article writers like you in Nepal.

In the beginning, it’s indeed too much of a fag to reach out to the window of opportunity. We are aware that Thanos is fictional, aren’t we?

Overnight success is not as easy as falling off a log only to find a good load of money. Money-making writing has its ups and downs too.

You might make it in fits and starts, but you need to take it one step at a time. Little progress is still progress.

Without a persistent passion for what you do, you might have to face a surge of vexation and discontent.

As much as you are passionate about making money out of writing in Nepal, do not forget to focus on the basics when writing.

These 10 idiot-proof ways to make money as a writer in Nepal is sure to help you get started on your journey as a writer. Good luck! J