NT Keen To Introduce 4G In Nepal

NT Keen To Introduce 4G In Nepal 1

NT Keen To Introduce 4G In Nepal

The communication and technology field of Nepal is about to take a giant leap as Nepal Telecom have decided to launch 4th generation 4G technology right here in Nepal. On the official statement released by Nepal Telecom, they have declared to launch 4G in Nepal very soon within this year. The technology experts have a great hope that the communication and information technology which is ongoing in slow and dramatic pace will suddenly up rise and also will take a great leap very soon after the official launch of 4G in Nepal. The step of the government telecommunication service provider Nepal Telecom seems to be adorable. Nepal Telecom have been already working with concerned companies to upgrade their service and technology for their upcoming 4G service respectively.

Nepal telecom is not only planning to launch 4G service here in Nepal but in the mean time they have also planned to add more than 10 million mobile line throughout country. The joint spoke person at Nepal Telecom, Gunakeshari ntc 4gPradhan told that the preparation is under going to upgrade the network service into 4G technology. In addition she too informed that Nepal Telecom has started some negotiation with Chinese Companies ZTE and Huawei, for upgrading the technology to 4G. Furthermore, she added the deal is yet to be finalized to upgrade the service of Nepal Telecom to 4G. The deal is about to be signed with two companies ZTE and Huawei respectively within this year.

Nepal Telecom will re-map the network design of Kathmandu, Birjung, Pokhara, Biratnagar and other major cities with a priority of upgrading its 2.5 and 3G technology along with its data and voice services too in those places. In a data recorded on Nepal Telecom, it has just 50 thousand subscribers of 3G throughout the country.

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