The SEO process is an intricate one and entails a multitude of components, from keyword research, content creation, content marketing and link building to competitive analysis. Indeed, it would be a sweet thing to simply rank among the first SERP positions for any targeted keyword, but the process of getting there is much more complex. A thorough SEO competition analysis is among the most important activities of any SEO campaign, since it accurately identifies your SEO targets and competitors in organic traffic. This will, in turn, allow you to establish an efficient SEO strategy that ensures you outperform these competitors.

Luckily, Baba Pandey makes it easier to identify your potential SEO competitors by conducting a thorough SEO competition analysis. As a result of this investigation, you will have not only identified your main SEO competitors, but you will already have a variety of tools and ideas to help set you on your way.

What Does our SEO Competition Analysis Entail

After receiving our completed analysis report, you will have a significant advantage over your competitors. Here’s what you can expect from our SEO competition analysis:

  • It helps you identify your SEO competitors
  • It compares the total organic traffic each of them receives
  • It provides a detailed report of overlapping keywords they compete for
  • It provides a comparison of common ranked keywords for you and your competition
  • It offers you an insight into their content marketing strategy and targeted keywords
  • It offers a point of reference (you can compare page and domain authority differences between you and your competitors, external backlink number and anchor text, social metrics, on page SEO optimization, and more)
  • It offers a detailed report with your competitor’s ranking over time
  • It provides an exhaustive backlink report for your competitor’s websites
  • It reveals unique opportunities and allows you to take advantage of your competitor’s weak spots

The Essential Components of our SEO Competition Analysis Report

With the help of cutting-edge software and SEO tools, we create an in-depth report containing all the information that you need to gain the competitive edge over your competition. Here are the three main sections of our report:

Link Profile Evaluation and Reporting

We take a closer look at your competition’s link building strategies and their link profiles. The report includes information about the total number of links pointing to your competition’s websites, domain diversity ratios, total number of referring domains, trust flow and citation flow, as well as other relevant metrics. This helps you identify potential opportunities for your own link building strategy. Moreover, the information we provide will also help you establish industry averages when it comes to link building metrics.

Keyword Monitoring, Common Keywords and Opportunities

Our report provides you with an in-depth report of your top 10 competitors in organic results. The report will contain a list of the main keywords you and your competition targets, including search trends, average monthly search volumes, current rankings for your competitors for a variety of keywords, the specific URLs ranking for those specific keywords as well as traffic estimations and recommendations on how to outperform them.

Social Media Engagement Reporting

Baba Pandey also analyses your competitors in terms of social media presence and engagement, so as to identify new niche-specific opportunities which may improve your performance and results. We offer information as to the frequency of updates, engagement ratios, follower rates, and much more, so that you can establish new targets when it comes to engagement and follower acquisition.

Let’s Analyse Your Competition!

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